Mission Statement

Our  Mission, first and foremost is to make a difference and we mean MAKE A DIFFERENCE, one child at a time, one lesson at a time.

In everything we do, this is always at the forefront of our minds. How can we make a difference, make it better, do more?

We are here for the child that needs us and we’re in it for the long haul. We know as teachers that nothing is ‘fixed’ over night. Whether it be a speech impediment or a lack of self-esteem. Children need time,consistency and for someone to believe in them. If we stay the course and we remain focused on our ultimate goal, which is student empowerment, positive change always takes place. It’s that magical moment as a teacher, where all of a sudden the child is no longer the child you met on that first day. After all the work you’ve done with them and all the knowledge you’ve imparted, something snaps into place, something clicks and they get it and you know they are the better for it. We live for moments like these. This is what drives us as a school.

We are passionate that Speech and Drama has an enormous part to play in a child’s growth and development and it should be a necessity and essential to their education. Therefore, Speech and Drama should be affordable and accessible for all, so that regardless of a students economic background they are able to participate and reap the benefits.We recognise each student as an individual with their own set of needs, obstacles and strengths. Our goal with our syllabus is that each student improve in areas of difficulty that have been identified, learn new skills, nurture natural talents and develop already present potential.

Above all, we want all our students to feel uplifted and empowered by doing our classes.

Lastly, we strive for change and excellence and we are determined to give our students and parents the best service and classes possible.