Our tried and tested Syllabus has been tailor made to directly meet the demands and challenges of our students. We recognise each student as an individual with their own set of needs, obstacles and strengths. Our goal with our syllabus is that each student improve in areas of difficulty that have been identified, learn new skills, nurture natural talents and develop already present potential.

In addition to its intrinsic educational value and as well as the skills that can be gained from Drama, Drama can also be in fact used to educate, re-enforce the school curriculum and teach important life lessons. We as a school recognise the value of Drama as a versatile medium and utilise this fully in our syllabus.

To explore all aspects of dramatic art and teach the skills and techniques of theatre and performance. Here we aim to cultivate talents such as play writing, public speaking, creativity and performance and advance these talents further.

To use Speech and Drama as a tool in order to improve and teach various skills essential to the student’s growth and development.

The lessons and skills that can be gained from our syllabus can be used to aid them throughout their lives, in countless areas of and life and work, regardless of the career path they eventually choose.

Drama as subject teaches far more than theatre and performance and can be used to inform, promote change and teach a variety of topics and skills.

  • To be a platform for active learning, explore educational topics and social issues.
  • To be an environment for creative exchange and conducive to open and free discussion and communication
  • To support and validate individuality.
  • To encourage independent thought and opinion.
  • To teach various life skills vital to the student, in order to benefit the student as a whole.
  • To promote acceptance, tolerance, empathy, understanding and positive attitudes towards others.
  • To promote social awareness and self- awareness in relation to society as a whole.
  • To improve self-confidence and self esteem.
  • To improve speech, vocal dynamics, literacy and language skills.
  • To teach communication skills and team building skills.

Our syllabus provides tuition for students aged 3-18 years regardless of the student’s level of experience or abilities.

The content, material, exercises and activities in our syllabus have been specifically designed to be relevant and appropriate according to the age or grade of the student. The level of difficulty and intensity appropriately increases as the student gets older.

Students receive tuition in Speech and all practical forms of Drama and Theatre.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Speech work
  • Voice Production and Modulation
  • The art of poetry speaking (solo and choral)
  • Prose speaking
  • Improvisation
  • Characterisation
  • Acting with dramatic text (monologues, duologues, scene work)
  • Mime
  • Physical Theatre
  • Creative Movement
  • Storytelling
  • Playwriting – from age 10 years and up
  • Work shopping – from age 9 years and up
  • Play Production

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Vocabulary and knowledge of literature is broadened
  • Improved speech and language skills
  • Improved literacy skills
  • Skills are gained in: Voice production, communication, team building, public speaking and performance