A New Year

A New Year

We’ve settled in and we’re all getting used to the new year! I love new year’s because they mean new beginnings. A reset button. While a new year may bring many changes, some things never change, such as my love of Drama,children and a strong desire to help them grow, overcome their personal challenges and see them thrive. This is what keeps me going when I or the school, faces it’s own set of challenges. We want to make a difference. We want out lives to mean something and we want to put our skills and abilities to good use.

We are all clear about one thing, that what we do helps to improve the lives of children, which makes even the hardest day worth it. What we do isn’t about us, it’s something bigger than the sum of our parts. When you’ve dedicated your life to teaching, a job which comes with little reward and almost zero ackowledgement, you have to love it, because otherwise you wouldn’t do it. Working with children isn’t easy and any teacher would say that is an understatement. It takes an enormous amount of energy, patience and dedication. You give so much of yourself each day and sometimes you have a little left for yourself and your own family. It really is a calling. When you’re a teacher, you’re not just a teacher. You’re a nurse, a friend, a psychologist, a parent. You wear so many hats all at the same time. So why do we keep doing it? Well I could say its seeing past students achieve beyond expectations and knowing you were a big reason for that. But really its those little moments that occur every now and then. Those bursts of joy where you can see you’ve made a difference, however small. It’s what we live for, it’s why our school exists.

So here we are again, ready to take it on and rise to the challenge. We are energised and excited for what the year may offer. I look forward to those moments, those bursts of joy and seeing the difference. 🙂





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